Hartford Area Project Care embraces and values the philosophy of the in an effort to empower the Greater Hartford community and its youth. Are you asking yourself where can i buy Adderall legally?

In 2003, two Hartford girls were "huffing" or inhaling the gasses from an aerosol can to get high, in a car. One girl lit a cigarette, which caused an explosion and injured both girls.

After this dangerous incident, representatives from local businesses, government, law enforcement, school districts, faith communities, AODA personnel, and parks and recreation joined together to address this and other high-risk behaviors of our youth. This group quickly realized that prevention efforts needed to be increased and strengthened to help our local youth grow up to be strong, responsible and caring citizens. As a result, Hartford Area Project Care was founded.

Hartford Area Project Care is a local

501(C)3, not-for-profit organization.

Community Partners

Hartford Area Project Care thanks all our partners for supporting our youth and HAPC.


Newsletter for Parents

Celebrate Families

celebratefamiliesHartford Area Project Care was pleased to participate in Washington County's 20th annual Celebrate Families at the Washington County Fair Park.  This is a wonderful event, providing a wide range of activities and information for all youth and families in Washington County. From information booths, a scavenger hunt,  talent show, huge inflatable fun area, and much more; this is an amazing opportunity for families to enjoy a day together at no cost.

Thank you to all who participated in 2011!

Look for the 2012 Celebrate Families in February!


Take 5 (or more)

Last year second grade students at six local elementary schools were asked:

"If I had 5 minutes to spend with my parents, I would like to . . . ”

Play board or card games • Go fishing or hunting • Play with Legos • Have a movie night with popcorn • Snuggle • Go Bowling • Bake Cookies or Bake a Cake • Play a game of Tag or Hide n’ Seek • Talk to them (what I am doing in school or about my day) • Go for a walk in the woods or to the park • Go for a bike ride with them • Color pretty pictures or draw • Go to the Hartford pool to swim • Read books together • Wrestle because it builds “stroger musles”

“Parents don’t love being tough; they’re tough because they love”

(Please stay tuned for a new poster to come later this year)

Girl's Night Out

gnoHartford Area Project Care was instrumental in partnering with the Kettle Moraine YMCA and Hartford Parks & Recreation's to bring Girls' Night Out to Hartford. Girls' Night Out is a program for middle school-age girls and focuses on helping the girls become stronger in spirit, mind and body.

This is the third year Girls' Night Out is being offered to middle school-age girls at all Hartford Area middle schools.  The Hartford Women's Club provided local sponsorship the first year and Hartford Area Project Care is pleased to be the local sponsor this year.

We look forward to partnering with the Kettle Moraine YMCA and Hartford Parks & Recreation to offer Girls' Night Out for a fourth year next fall.  We would welcome sponsorship from any local business or organization.  Registration information will be available later this year.